Get the Look You’ve Always Dreamed About with Contour Light®

Safe, fast, and effective.

Fast and effective non-surgical weight loss

Contour Light®Non-surgical body contouring technology

Body contouring done with Contour Light® is a non-invasive, safe, and especially effective weight loss method. This process melts the fat inside the cells and causes them to shrink, giving you an instantly slimmer appearance. There is no recovery time required, and you may walk out of the office and right back to your daily routine.

Just relax and say goodbye to those extra inches!

Sculpt and whittle away those hard-to-lose areas

Our patients all have different goals, and we make sure to create individualized plans to reach them. Body contouring works well in the spots that normal diet and exercise don’t seem to reach easily, such as on the hips, abdomen, legs, and even the face. The soft, LED-lined pads wrap around the targeted area for the most effective result you can get.

Pay only $79 for your first Contour Light® session

Offer includes Initial Assessment, In-Depth Body Composition Scan, and Consultation with the Doctor

A whole new you

Our body contouring process brings you the results you’ve always worked for but had trouble achieving due to those stubborn areas. See the instant loss of inches and let your skin gain a beautiful glow with your scheduled treatments. With a healthy lifestyle, these results are permanent. Finally, reach your goals and find a new look to show off.

Additional benefits of the Contour Light® treatment

Younger-looking skin

Diminish wrinkles and fine lines with Contour Light’s® face-mask

Instant results

You can see inch loss from the first session


Not only is Contour Light® non-surgical, but it’s also painless

Sustainable treatments

Contour Light® is designed for long-term weight loss, which means it’s sustainable

Contour Light® FAQs

What kind of results can I expect in the first session?

Most clients experience anywhere between 1-6+ INCHES lost in their very first Contour Light® Session. Results vary from person to person. 

* Tips on how to maximize your session and lose as many inches as possible will be sent to you after reserving your trial.

How long do the sessions take?

Each Contour Light® Session only takes 25 Minutes once under the lights, followed by a 10-minute Vibration Plate Session. Because of this, a lot of clients can come in on their lunch breaks.

* Please note that if you are a first-time Contour Light® Client, please allow for 75-90 minutes for your first session. The first session consists of: Initial Exam / Brief Health History, Pre Measurements (to get a baseline for your starting point), 1 Full-Length Contour Light® Session (25 Minutes), Post Measurements (to see exactly how many inches you lost), 10 Minute Vibration Plate Session (to push the newly liquified fat into the lymphatic system), Personalized Consultation w/ Recommendation of Personalized Program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

How long do the results last?

Once the fat has been released from the fat cell and exited the body, it’s gone. However, if unhealthy diet and exercise routines persist, new fat may be stored where the old fat contents were released.

Is it safe?

Not only is Contour Light® safe and effective, but it is FDA-Cleared.

Contour Research, LLC conducted an IRB-Approved Clinical Trial Involving 118 participants who lost an average of 2.49″ in just ONE Contour Light® Session.

These results are publicly available on the Clinical Trials Official Government Website.

(Ref #NCT04451824)

How many sessions does it take?

Everybody has a different starting point and different personal fitness goals.

Based on how your body responds to your first Contour Light® Session, a personalized fat/weight loss program with a recommended number of sessions to achieve your desired goal will be discussed.

Does it burn?


While the LEDs used in each of the six Contour Light® body pads (and optional Face-Mask) do get noticeable warm at most, they are only warm to the touch and will never produce enough heat to cause any “burning sensations.”

Most clients compare it to laying in a tanning bed or on a warm beach.