Restore Your Mobility With Our Knee Pain Relief Methods

Pain-free Methods

When you have joint pain, simple tasks such as cooking, driving, or playing with your children are difficult. Our non-invasive treatments provide immediate results and fast recovery.

Common causes of chronic knee pain

Sports Injuries

Medical Conditions

Medical Disorders


Cartilage Loss

Personalized methods for long-lasting results

Our specialists dedicate themselves to each patient to understand their symptoms and respond with a custom treatment plan using regenerative and non-surgical treatments. We will thoroughly examine your knee and discuss possible therapy plans to restore your mobility and flexibility.

The goal is for patients to avoid painful and expensive surgery and all the side effects that come with it. Through a combination of treatments, we stimulate your body’s natural mechanism to repair broken cartilage and damaged joints, ease inflammation, and relieve pain. Our non-invasive treatments provide immediate results and fast recovery.

Get the adjustment of a lifetime

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your optimal health.

Improve your knee pain with shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy can be a fantastic way to relieve pain and get your body back on track. The procedure stimulates cell regeneration, relieving chronic pain from injuries such as pulled muscles or tighter ligaments that prevent you from moving freely. This non-invasive treatment relieves pain and stimulates your body’s natural healing properties.

Knee on Trac: a top-of-the-line treatment

Knee on Trac can improve flexibility and mobility by isolating the knee joint while gently stretching it. This process improves the knee joint’s mobility and flexibility over the course of the weeks, thus improving your overall quality of life. The knee on trac treatment also helps improve the pain and functions of degenerative arthritis.