Non-Surgical Treatments for Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain can limit your everyday life and make simple tasks such as cooking, driving, or playing with your children difficult.

Different factors can cause chronic knee pain, including sports injury, medical conditions or disorders, cartilage loss, and inflammation. Regardless of what causes the pain, at Living Better Healthcare, we can treat a wide range of situations.

Restore Your Mobility Fast

Our specialists dedicate themselves to each patient to understand their symptoms and respond with a custom treatment plan using regenerative and non-surgical treatments. We will do a thorough exam of your knee and discuss possible therapy plans to restore your mobility and flexibility.

The goal is for patients to avoid painful and expensive surgery and all the side effects that come with it. Through a combination of treatments, we stimulate your body’s natural mechanism to repair broken cartilages and damaged joints, ease inflammation, and relieve pain. Our non-invasive treatments provide immediate results and fast recovery.

If you experience stiffness in your joints, limited range of motion, or swelling around the knees, we recommend contacting our pain relief clinic today to schedule an appointment.

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