New Patient Center

What to expect from your first visit

Your first chiro visit

  • Our friendly staff will welcome you with a smile
  • We will help fill out your intake form if not already completed online.
  • After that comes the consultation where one of our doctors discusses health history, followed by an examination
  • The doctor will discuss the findings with you and proceed to perform your first treatment
  • The doctor will create a plan specifically designed for you

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Get the adjustment of a lifetime

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your optimal health.

What to expect from your first Contour Light® visit

  1. You are greeted and welcomed to our wellness center.
  2. We talk a little bit about you, your habits, and your diet.
  3. We talk about your expectations and weight loss goals.
  4. We take the first measurement.
  5. You will take a nap and enjoy the Contour Light® experience. (Optional: You can also enjoy our full face shield experience to target the face, chin, and neck)
  6. We place you on the vibration plate to allow for the liquified fat to be eliminated by the lymphatic system.
  7. We take your measurements again so that you can see the amazing results.
  8. We put together a custom plan with simple but powerful tips on how to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Pay only $79 for your first Contour Light® session

Offer includes Initial Assessment, In-Depth Body Composition Scan, and Consultation with the Doctor

How to prepare for your first contour light® session

Fill our online form

Stay hydrated before and after treatment

Bring comfortable undergarments

Avoid alcohol

Decrease caffeine

Avoid eating for 2h before treatment