Alternative Treatments for Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica is a medical condition that manifests as pain in the lower back and legs. The pain may increase when you sit, sleep, or move and can be a constant tingling or burning sensation alleviated by changing positions.

Common sciatica symptoms include:

  • Difficulty sitting or standing
  • Chronic pain in the lower back or legs
  • Numbness or weakness in your feet

At Living Better Healthcare, we welcome all patients who experience any of these symptoms. We will conduct a thorough examination and review your medical history to understand your condition. Our goal is to recommend an appropriate treatment that will ease inflammation, reduce symptoms, and alleviate pain so you can return to your everyday activities.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Our pain relief clinic offers only non-invasive treatments for patients looking for relief from their medical condition. Despite what many people believe, surgery is not the best option to relieve your severe pain.
Treating sciatica symptoms without surgery or medication is possible at our facility. We will perform a short round of treatments to lessen the pressure, ease inflammation on the sciatic nerve, and restore joint motion.

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