Originally lost 22.6lbs and is now down 34lbs after 2 rounds of ChiroThin and Contour Lights

“My ChiroThin journey has been an exciting one. I started out skeptical, you want me to eat ‘How many calories!!!!’, but I did it thank you to Jack in the Box and the diet began. My weight has been a yo-yo my whole adult life and with this journey I started at 217.4 lbs and I was a size 16. I was a daily drinker of what would be considered an unacceptable amount of alcohol to consume. I was NERVOUS! Can I really do this? Can I give up alcohol? Can I keep up my exercise routine? Will I be able to sleep without a drink? Is this really possible? I was the skeptic. 43 days later with 4 cheat days (nobody is perfect). I am a believer. I lost a total of 22.6lbs and I have never felt better! This was easy! I am not sure what is in the drops but I never had a craving (there was a chocolate dish by my couch through the whole diet), never felt hungry and had more energy than ever. Was the 1st couple of days a transition, yes, did I have a few nights of difficulty falling asleep, yes. But I felt so much better in the morning, it was amazing. Did I ceast, yes and I paid for it, I was bloated and gained a couple of pounds, but the weight did not stick. If you are tired of just trying and want to be successful between the program, the drops and having Dr. Jerry as your ‘coach’, this WORKS! Having Dr. Jerry as a coach was invaluable, he helped me through my plateau and constipation, but that is why he is here, to help you with your individual challenges. For the women out there who have struggled and tried and failed, this is a diet that works and for me it was easy.”


Down 32.4 lbs with a 1.7% increase in muscle


Down 31.6 lbs with a 4% increase in muscle


Lost 20 lbs and 17.6 inches


Lost 22 lbs and 15.2 inches


Lost 9.6 lbs and 12.7 inches


Lost 20 lbs and 17.6 inches